Exciting Tips to Remove Dip Powder Nails in DIY Style

You are the proud owner of a beautiful set of SNS dipping powder nails. The exciting aspect of dip powder manicures is that they last long and do not chip off. But all good things in the world must come to an end. So too, do your dip nails. You must remove the existing layers as the natural nail grows beneath them. So, the old must make way for the new. That is nature’s rule. I trust you agree with me. So, let us see how to remove the dip powder manicure in DIY style.

Remove Dip Powder Nails in DIY Style

You can remove your dip powder manicure in many ways. But, of course, biting your nails or forcibly peeling them off are not suitable options. So, should you go to the nail salon for dip powder removal? No, there is no need to visit a salon when you can remove your SNS nails at home. Let us understand the process.

Using Acetone

Everyone knows that acetone is the most powerful nail polish removal solution. Nothing can beat acetone. So, whether you prefer it or not, you cannot ignore acetone. So, here is how you remove SNS dipping powder nails using acetone.

Keep all the ingredients ready. They include a nail file, acetone nail polish removing solution, cotton pads, aluminum wraps, cuticle oil, etc.

File the top layer of the dipping powder gently and allow it to crumble and fall off. Please do not use the file harshly, or you could injure yourself. The top layer comes off easily. The purpose behind filing the top layer is that it reduces exposure to acetone. Acetone has dehydrating properties that can dry your nails and the surrounding skin. So, your skin and nails end up looking pale. Removing as much top layer as possible makes it easy for you.

Once you have sufficiently removed the top layer, you can dip your nails in the nail polish removing solution containing acetone. Alternatively, you can dip the cotton balls in it and place them on your nails. Your dip nail kit comes with manicure-removing tools. Use that to the maximum effect. Wrap your fingertips with an aluminum wrap to hold the cotton balls in place. The advantage is that this method prevents exposing your skin to acetone. Maintain the position for 20 to 30 minutes. That should be sufficient for the dip powder to dissolve.

Remove the aluminum wrap and check whether the dip powder nails slide off easily. Usually, they should. If they do not slide off easily, try pushing it with a cuticle pusher. But do not force it too much. You can repeat the acetone soak for 10 to 12 minutes more for the dip powder layer to slide off smoothly.

Rub the nails with another cotton ball dipped in acetone to remove the traces. Wash them with soap and water. Tap them dry with a towel. Your nails will look pale after continuous exposure to acetone. Apply cuticle oil and massage your nails gently. You should get relief. The nails get the requisite moisture. Wait for a week before you get the next manicure.

Removing dip powder without acetone

Are you concerned that your nails can get damaged because of excessive use of acetone? We share your concern. But, are there any options available to you? You will be surprised to know that there are alternatives to acetone. They might not be as effective, but they do not harm your nails.

The best alternatives to acetone are white vinegar, alcohol, and your favorite toothpaste with baking soda.

You can substitute acetone with alcohol or white vinegar and follow the same procedure. These chemicals take longer than acetone, but they remove the dip powder residue without harming your nails and skin.

You can use a mixture of toothpaste and baking soda to remove dip powder from your nails. Mix the two components in a bowl and apply it to your nails, covering them completely. The mixture does not dry or evaporate soon. So, you need not use aluminum wraps. Wait for around 20 minutes and rub the dip powder off your nails. Wash your nails thoroughly. You will see that the nails look natural without any dehydrating effect.

So, if you do not have a nail polish remover solution at home, you need not worry. The leftover beer in the fridge can serve the purpose well. In addition, your toothpaste is always available to help remove the dip powder residue from your nails.

Final Thoughts

We have discussed different ways of removing SNS nails. The acetone method is the best because it ensures the perfect removal of dip powder residue. However, you must moisturize the nails using cuticle oil or any other massaging oil to replenish the lost moisture.

So, how was the DIY dip powder removal procedure? It was easy. So, will you go to the salon again to do it? It is not at all necessary.

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