Kiara Sky Dipping Powder – Get the most beautiful nails on the planet.

Being a woman is a beautiful feeling. You get to experience the best cosmetic products such as high-quality nail polish, dipping powders, and other beauty enhancers. If men start feeling jealous, that should not be a problem at all. As a woman, you should enjoy the best years of your life in enhancing your overall beauty. Nail polish plays a significant role in the process.

Though conventional nail polish methods have been in existence since time immemorial, recent innovations like dipping powder polish have caught the eye of modern-day women. Besides enhancing the beauty of the nails manifold, dipping powders are comparatively safer than conventional gel and acrylic polish. However, one should take care to ensure to use the best products like Kiara Sky dipping powder.

When on this topic of dipping powder, let us go through the elaborate process of applying dipping powder to your nails.

The Dipping Powder Procedure – Explained in detail.

As a thumb rule, one should go to a salon and let the expert do the job. However, applying dipping powder is comparatively easy to gel or acrylic polish. Therefore, one can also try out the procedure at home.

The Ingredients Required

Before you start with your dip powder job, keep the following items ready on hand. Dip powder polish can dry out quickly.

Sterilized nail file or buff

Nail Bond


Natural Powder

Kiara Sky Dipping Powder

Seal Protect


The Procedure

Here is the Kiara Sky dip nails procedure explained in detail.

  1. Get the nails ready: Use the sterilized nail file to shape the nail and remove the rough edges. Make it as smooth as possible without applying too much force. Wash your hands with medicated soap and water to remove all traces of bacteria and dirt.
  2. Push the cuticles: The dip powder polish is for the nails alone and not the skin. Push the cuticle gently using a cuticle pusher. Do not use force as your nail might start to bleed.
  3. The Bonding Stage: Apply the nail bond to the entire nail and the base coat to three-quarters of the nail. Remember that the nail bond and base coat can dry out quickly. Hence, you should be ready with the dip powder of your choice.
  4. The Initial Procedure: Dip your entire nail into Natural powder and ensure that there is a generous coat of powder on the nail. Shake your finger to allow the excess powder to fall off. Do not use a napkin or handkerchief to wipe out the excess. You could end up removing more powder than you need.
  5. The second layer of base coat: Apply a second layer of base coat to the entire nail. It ensures a thick layer, thereby enhancing the longevity of the dip powder nails.
  6. The Color dip powder: Dip the entire nail into the Kiara Sky nails of your color choice. Dust off the excess powder by shaking your nails and letting the powder drop off on its own.
  7. Repeat the procedure: If you require a thicker coat, you can repeat the entire process. Please do it for all the nails and ensure that every nail has a uniform coating.
  8. Protect the powder job: Apply Seal Protect to let the dip powder stick to the nail and avoid chipping the nail polish. Wash your hands with water and apply another layer of Seal Protect. Use a clean napkin to wipe the nail clean.
  9. The Final Topcoat: Applying the topcoat is the final step in the dip powder procedure. Apply one layer of topcoat using a gentle brush. Allow the coat to dry for a couple of minutes. Apply a second layer to ensure optimal shine. Repeat the same procedure for all your fingers.

You have now completed an excellent nail polish job that can last for a minimum of three weeks without requiring any top-up procedures. Let us now discuss the benefits of the dip powder job over the gel polish procedure.

Advantages of Dip Powder

  • Dip powder does not contain harsh chemicals that you could otherwise find in acrylic polish. Hence, it is a better hygienic option.
  • Dip powder dries immediately within no time. Gel and acrylic polish requires you to dry your nail polish under a UV lamp. UV radiation can harm the skin, especially to people prone to allergic reactions.
  • A dip powder job can last for a minimum of three weeks without a top up. Acrylic polish does not last as long.
  • Removing the dip powder is also easy compared to chipping away of the acrylic polish.
  • Conclusion

With women all over the world preferring to use dip powder polish rather than the acrylic job, dip powders have become popular. However, one should always ensure to use high-quality products like Kiara Sky dip powder to get a perfect dip powder job.

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