Is DND DC Gel Nail Polish A New Step for DND?

In this article, let’s think a little bit about the demand for nail art in recent times. Specifically, about the past 5 years, the beauty needs of girls have increased sharply, in addition to taking care of their appearance including: hair, face and clothes, nails are now also the part that so many girls special take care of. Therefore, many ways to beautify the nails were born, the most prominent being gel nails. So, do you know which gel color polish is best for you? If you are still struggling and don’t know what to choose for yourself and your family, here’s what we recommend you try DND DC gel polish colors!

DND DC Gel Nail Polish – Strange but Very Familiar!

DND DC nail polish

Why can we say that “DND DC gel nail polish was strange but it was still very familiar to us? Maybe you are too clear about DND nail polish brand, it always ranks high in the ranking of preferred nail polish brands and it is not wrong to say the top 5 biggest nail polish brands in the US is DND. DND DC is a different product line of gel nail, which belongs to DND company. Therefore, it absolutely inherits the most outstanding advantages of DND gel polish and on the other hand, they have been improved and changed many more good things!

DND DC Is a Step in the Right Direction of DND

After the process of formation and development across the continent, DND has launched many other unique product lines including: DND dipping powder, DND gel nail polish,… But what we want to talk about here is what we’re talking about is DND DC gel polish colors – a new and special line of gel polishes from DND nail polish! DND DC gel nail polish colors are manufactured entirely in the US based on innovative technologies, optimized ingredients with essential nutrients to help nourish real nails and minimize harmful and bad effects. our nails.

The largest size of DND DC nail polish bottle holds 18ml, which can be equivalent to more than 50 sets of nails. The bottle is delicately designed with luxurious, glossy 18k gold plating, creating a noble feeling when used or needed in the hand. The paint of DND DC gel color nail polish is easy to apply, it does not shrink under any conditions and ensures nails that last up to 21 days.

So, it is certainly not wrong to say that DND DC gel polish nail color is a great product line, promising to be an effective weapon to help girls improve their beauty and become much more attractive in the future. DND DC nail gel with polish bright color, high gloss, easy to apply and also easily to be removed when soaked in acetone for about 10-15 minutes. It will please all the girls with the most beautiful nails. Above all, DND DC has a very good price, you can completely experience them without having to fear that the experience is too “expensive”.

DC Platinum 2019 is the breakthrough of the American nail industry in supporting Ombre nail design with gel materials.

With the new formula, DND DC gel nail color only needs a layer of color paint and a glossy topcoat.

  • No need to use base coat and nail hardener
  • Color fastness up to 21 days
  • Quick drying under LED or UV light
  • No flaking, all natural and brilliant, no stickiness and discoloration

Final thought

Some notes when you want to experience gel nails!

You always need to find out the origin and the composition of the gel nail polish that you plan to use. Find out which has the features that suit your taste and budget as each will have different price points and features.

Not only DND DC gel colors but also any products, you need to pay attention to choose a place that provides genuine and reputable goods to avoid buying poor quality products at high prices. Do not believe in product advertisements that are too cheap and rampant on social networking platforms or websites that lack authenticity and especially should not use fake or sourced gel polishes. unknown root to avoid dangers to your health and beauty. Have a nice day, see you guys soon!

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