Stalking Jesse Pinkman.

Disclaimer #1 – when I started The Warm Glow I wanted this site to be as far as it could be from a personal blog, and would only feature good, well-informed critique on television, or at least funny pictures and gifs. This article is far from that, sorry. And probably really only interesting to me and my immediate group of friends.

Disclaimer #2 – I really am not a celebrity culture person or someone who would stalk people based on twitter info, but this guy is one of the great characters of the best show currently on tv – and that tweet is as close as I’m gonna get to be invited to hang out with Jesse Pinkman. Plus, Looper looks good and it was a good excuse to go see a film I was planning to anyway.

Today was basically a pretty rubbish day. I’ve just come down to London to sort out real boring visa studying abroad stuff, and arrived in at 3. Here’s a timeline of how my rubbish evening unfolded, stalking Jesse Pinkman.

  • 4:00pm: Arrive at my friend’s house, in Mile End. See two of my friends and my brother who’s also staying there. Get a pot noodle on straight away after a good 8 hours awake with no food.
  • 4:10: See this tweet from aaron paul

  • 4:20: Have everyone gathered, sprint a good mile to mile end station. Pot Noodle in hand like the trampiest person in existence.
  • 5ish: Arrive at Notting Hill Gate, had no time to check cinema listings but just assume it’s one of the two arthousey independent cinemas right next to the tube station. They aren’t.
  • 5:00 – 5:30 – Walk around Notting Hill based on very vague Smart Phone info, arrive at the Odeon cinema in Whiteleys (shopping centre?) – See that there’s a Looper showing at 5:40. At this point we pretty much give up on meeting Aaron Paul, but my two friends go in and see Looper anyway. My brother and I being poor (london cinema prices) and him being hungry decide not to bother. Do some wandering aimlessly for too long, some googling and surmise he’s probably at the Westfield Vue showing at 5:10. Send this incomprehensible, excitable tweet to my pal @ibzo who faced similar disappointment:

  • 7:00 – A lot more wandering aimlessly. We go to Westfield Vue 3 stops on the tube. Get some fast food and stand having my McDonald’s watching Madrid depressingly thrash Deportivo through the window of a Fitness First gym, only the second trampiest moment of my day. Reckon we can catch Aaron Paul coming out, and if not we’ll just get to see the next showing of Looper anyway.
  • 7:45 – As we’re about to head into the showing of Looper, get some texts from my friends:

Friend at cinema: Pretty sure here’s now.

Me: Whaaat? Verify.

Friend: Get over here.

Me: What why seriously? Give all info. Give us a %

Friend: 100%

  • 7:50 – Run back, three stops back on the tube from Shepherd’s Bush to Queensway. Get there and we missed him by just a minute. My friends spoke to him for five minutes and tell us he’s pretty much as cool and humble and excellent as you’d expect. And get a photo:

Pretty much the most gutted i’ve ever been.

This video, with the sad inclination of Homer’s voice is pretty much exactly how I’m feeling.

Nestor Watach

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